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Access to Help and assistance for using RealPlayer for Mac OS X.




RealPlayer Online Help

Opens this Help file.


Opens directly to the Troubleshooting section of this Help file.

Release Notes

Opens the Release Notes for RealPlayer. Release Notes include last minute issues and solutions, as well as additional information about the current release of your RealPlayer.

License Agreement

Opens your RealPlayer License Agreement for easy review.

Installed Components

Lists the currently-installed components of your RealPlayer. Click Check for Update to see if you have the latest software.

Product Survey

Gives you the opportunity to tell us about your experience with RealPlayer.

Service and Support

Opens your browser to the Real Customer Support page, offering information and solutions to known issues.

Submit Technical Support Request

Opens your browser to the Real Customer Support request page.

Check Media Types

Opens your Media Types Preferences to allow you to associate any listed media type with RealPlayer. This is useful when RealPlayer is not launching as expected to play a particular type of media.

Media types that are not currently saved as a default are marked with a bullet to the right of their listing in the dialog.

Check Default RealPlayer

Use to check whether the copy of RealPlayer you are currently using is the default RealPlayer. Because of Mac OS X issues, it is possible to have multiple copies launching from different folders but without any obvious way to determine which program was launched.

Reset RealPlayer

Opens the Reset dialog box which allows you to restore RealPlayer to the installed defaults.

Create RealMedia

Opens a web page where you can get information about and download the RealMedia 10 Encoder for Mac OS X. The encoder allows any editor that can save QuickTime audio and video to also save your content as RealMedia.

My Account

Opens the Sign-in page for your account access. After you sign in, you can view and edit your account information.