Real Services

RealPlayer for Mac OS X is a free product that you can use to play many types of files and content from the Internet. But this is only the beginning of what RealPlayer is or has to offer you.

RealPlayer provides access to premium content and services; view these services in the Player Browser by selecting them from the Window menu:





A page, updated several times a day, with links to news, sports, and entertainment stories and clips.


A one-stop page to find premium music, news, and talk radio for any taste.


A media search engine to find web content (audio, video, and text) related to the keywords you enter.

Add a membership, such as RadioPass or RealOne Superpass, and you can enjoy premium content and RealNetworks' Technical Support that's just a phone call away. Get access to your content by signing into Real from any RealPlayer anywhere. Select RealPlayer > Sign in to be recognized as a subscriber and activate your service.

To find out more about any of the available services, visit

To confirm or find out about the status of your current subscriptions, select Help > My Account from your menus.