Why do I receive Missing Plug-in errors when I use RealPlayer for Mac OS X?


When you try to play music or video on the Internet with RealPlayer for Mac OS X, you receive a Missing plug-in error message.


The clip that you tried to play uses a format that is not automatically installed with RealPlayer. The error can also mean that the clip was not created or set up correctly.


You can manually install RealPlayer plug-in software, reset RealPlayer, or contact the webmaster of the site where the error occurs.

Solution 1: Manually update RealPlayer for Mac OS X

Check to see whether RealPlayer has plug-in software that will play the file:

  1. Click the RealPlayer menu and select Check for Update.

  2. In the RealPlayer AutoUpdate window, select any applicable plug-ins.

  3. Click Install. RealPlayer downloads and installs the software.

There may not be a plug-in for the file type you are trying to play. Check the list of supported file types that RealPlayer can play.

Solution 2: Reset RealPlayer for Mac OS X

With RealPlayer for Mac OS X, the DNET codec sometimes does not download properly. To fix this problem, reset RealPlayer:

  1. Open RealPlayer for Mac OS X.

  2. In the Help menu, select Reset RealPlayer .

Note: Resetting the player will cause it to lose stored settings and favorites. You can restore your Favorites by clicking Restore during the reset process.

Solution 3: Notify the webmaster of the site where the error occurs

A missing plug-in error can also occur if the content is not designed to be played with RealPlayer for Mac OS X; if the content is not designed for your version of RealPlayer, or if the site offering the content has not configured their RealServer or Web server correctly. Contact the site's Webmaster if one of these conditions appears to be the issue.